Immersive Anxiety Relief

This VR prototype based on existing hardware that replicates flickering light and sound stimulation to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and stress. Clinical studies show light and sound stimulation reduces symptoms when the subject is exposed to certain frequencies repeatedly over a period of time.

SCET has digitised this experience by placing the user in a safe virtual environment. This is the first time a VR product of this nature has been researched and developed, making it highly innovative and potentially game changing to the healthcare industry. This is a highly effective, non-invasive solution that will demonetise mental healthcare by providing an easily available and deliverable solution to a problem not just prevalent within the UK, but throughout the world.

Working with the UWS team was a great experience, and one that delivered several significant conclusions. There was a high degree of commitment from them to deliver on the outcomes outlined from the start, and there were occasions I feel they went above and beyond in order to meet the overall objectives.

- Stephen Elliot Founder, Halcyon Training