Community Eye Care

Working in partnership with NHS Grampian, NHS Forth Valley and NHS Education Scotland, SCET has developed the Community Eye Care website ( and app (available on iOS and Android) to help improve standardisation, accessibility, usability and currency of primary care optometry clinical guidelines and pathways so that they can be better accessed by primary and secondary care on computers, mobile phones and tablet devices. The guidelines have been adapted, with permission, from the College of Optometrist’s clinical management guidelines, to incorporate pragmatic experience gained from NHS Grampian’s Eye Health Network.

Since 2007, NHS Grampian’s Eye Health Network has provided care for many thousands of patients and, through the introduction of Local Enhanced Service Agreements, has allowed the treatment of acute anterior uveitis, herpes simplex keratitis and marginal keratitis, in association with general practice, within the primary care setting. Elsewhere in Scotland, community optometrists are increasingly working in partnership with their colleagues in ophthalmology. Independent prescribing for optometry was introduced in 2008. The introduction of standardised pathways will not only help guide optometric independent prescribers to use their new-found skills in the most appropriate manner, but also help guide whether to treat in the community or refer onwards.

I downloaded the app at the Launch evening to my phone - I have used it numerous times and recommended it to my friends in other healthboards. It is excellent, easy to read and well laid out.

- Stephen C McPherson , Optometric Advisor for the Eye Health Network, NHS Grampian Partner