Here's what we do:

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Web and Cloud Services

Web and mobile applications face increasing demands to ensure they can talk with more 3rd party systems, they can perform as quickly and efficiently as possible and can scale to cope with increasing consumer and business demands and expectations. We are experts at building highly flexible and integrated backend systems using the latest cloud technologies and infrastructures.

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App development

Over the past few years, we have helped many commercial and public sector organisations with complete mobile app development for iOS and Andoid platforms. We also have experience of building apps for wearables and Smart TVs.

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Feasibility studies and prototyping

We have a successful track record in working with technical and non-technical teams to develop and test proof of concept technical solutions to reduce risk, address technical challenges and solve business and health problems using the latest technologies.

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Strategic IT Management and Governance Advisory

Our experienced consultants have worked with CIOs, IT Directors and Senior IT/Business Managers in the Education and Public sectors. We are knowledgeable about IT Strategy, governance, management and EA frameworks. We can help you adopt or use TOGAF and modelling tools to develop transitions and improve and evaluate alignment of your infrastructure and decision making processes.

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Big data and analytics

We are experienced in developing distributed systems that can collect and provide business intelligence from everyday data. Our staff are leaders in the field of databases and have worked across a variety of sectors to deliver solutions and projects covering complex database systems, data mining, datawarehouses and business intelligence systems.

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Game design and development

We are highly experienced in creating computer games using the latest games engines. We consider ourselves one of the leaders in serious games and have our own assessment and feedback engine that provides stakeholders with key performance indicators using our own learning analytics engine.

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Digital media and animation

Our animators can take your construction or educational concept and transform it to engaging, immersive experiences and worlds in 2D, 3D, Virtual and Augmented Reality that capture the imagination of your clients. Our designers will understand the detailed needs and expectations of your users, before developing engaging user experiences and graphical assets for your application that delivers.

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Location-based services

Imagine walking around a museum and every time you pass an exhibit your phone tells you a new story. Picture how impressed your friends would be with your in-depth knowledge of prehistoric turtles. Be it a virtual tour guide or just making sure people don’t get lost, we can develop innovative applications driven by sensors, beacons and location-based information.