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Active and Independent Management System (AIMS)

The Scottish Centre for Enabling Technology (SCET) at the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) and NHS Lanarkshire (NHSL) have agreed to work together to develop a new system of managing patient rehabilitation called AIMS (Active and Independent Management System), specifically focusing on the following areas:

The aim of the project is to build a re-enablement platform that uses a whole systems approach to address the ‘de-enablement’ that occurs as an in-patient in hospital with the elderly population most at risk of this. It will have multiple modules of interdisciplinary input that will deliver an MDT approach to re-enablement. We know that malnutrition, sarcopenia and functional decline is a massive issue in acute and rehabilitation wards and as such has been termed ‘pyjama paralysis’.

We are building a re-enablement platform that will increase the intensity, improve the efficiency and give clear accountability for a patient’s re-enablement from the acute hospital and following discharge into the community. The anticipated result is better outcomes (the quicker and more effective the rehabilitation received, the better the outcome for the patient). It is hoped that this will be reflected in shorter hospital stays and a decrease in re-admissions.

The proposed project will create an online system to help manage patients’ rehabilitation programmes. Each patient will be given a unique ID at the beginning of their patient pathway and the system will then be able to collect certain information about the patient as they move through their journey. The rehabilitation staff will be able to use this platform to build, monitor and advance the individual rehabilitation package required for the patient. A team of stakeholders will be assigned to each patient and will become responsible for the delivery of the programme. A library of physiotherapy exercises and educational videos for example, use of a walking aid or how to apply a patient’s splint will be recorded and uploaded into the system. This will then allow the staff member to attach a series of videos specific to the patient that can facilitate the re-enablement process

The platform will also have nutritional information in-putted for the patient so that their nutritional status can be monitored throughout the re enablement process. This will have the functionality to measure calorific intake and food source.