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Barr Killock Energy Recovery Park 3D Flythrough

This 3d Flythrough was created to show the local public the architectural intentions of Barr Environmental off to the public before construction began. The animation lasts approx. two minutes and showcased the new Energy Recovery site in Killoch, Ayr, Scotland.

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Barr Killoch 3D Environment

Job Fantasyland Mobile Learning Game

Job Fantasy Land is a 2D Android/iOS game that focuses on helping the player decide what types of jobs they may wish to pursue. Aimed at 12-18 year olds, this game offers a wide range of insight into the type of skills and qualifications needed for over 30 jobs. The game also helps match players to jobs they would be suited for by gathering information in fun and creative ways, following the player’s journey as they travel through numerous locations.

Job Fantasyland app

NHS Palliative Care Guidelines App

The Scottish Palliative Care Guidelines app reflect a consensus of opinion about good practice in the management of adult patients with life limiting illness. They are for use by healthcare professionals from any care setting who are involved in supporting people with a palliative life-limiting condition in a variety of clinical settings and environments

screenshots of NHS Scotland palliative care app

Cancer Referral Guidelines App

The guidelines were developed by a multidisciplinary team and facilitate appropriate referral between primary and secondary care for patients with a suspected cancer. SCET collaboratively developed the Android, iOS app and backend web content management system with the NHS SHOW team. The app is are aimed at supporting GPs, the wider primary care team, other clinicians and carers.

Screenshots of Cancer Care app

Puzzley:Jigsaw Mobile Game

Puzzley:Jigsaw is our first Android/iOS game in the ‘Puzzley’ franchise. Focusing around all things jigsaw, Puzzley:Jigsaw offers players traditional jigsaw features with a twist. Finding static images easy? Try our animated puzzles for some added difficulty. Create your own ‘story’ by turning your own pictures into a puzzle for you to solve. Along with our extensive library of images filtered by colour, theme, location, there will always be a jigsaw to solve in Puzzley:Jigsaw.


Morph Pets Mobile Game

Morph Pets is a 3D android/iOS game where you create and take care of your very own unique digital pet. Looking after it by feeding and comforting it will help it grow and, along the way, make it evolve. In time, build up your very own customisable spaceship and aid your little pet in traversing space, on a quest of self-discovery.
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Morph Pets

Digital Bridges Nursery Game

Digital Bridges is an EU funded project that aims to develop an immersive 3D simulated practice environment for students and professionals who deal with vulnerable people. The player is involved and assessed within dynamic scenarios that reflect real life situations that nursery workers deal with.
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Digital Bridges Tiny Oaks Nursery

My Home Life Mobile App

The My Home Life App is aimed at healthcare staff that want to develop best practice and promote quality of life in care homes. It shares thought provoking messages and questions via the app that help to enhance the lives of those who live, work, reside and visit care homes.

My Home life app

Burning Horseshoe Tourist App

The Explore Edinburgh: Rock 2 Rock, app developed for Burning Horseshoe is an interactive GPS based tour guide that takes users from the Castle Rock to Arthur’s Seat and features puzzles, stories and sound effects to create a sort of chilling and engaging experience of the secret side of Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Tourist app


This immersive 3D platform allows for customisable training and evaluation of people with cognitive impairment conditions such as learning disability. The game makes use of familiar cues and scenarios to teach and monitor progress of the individual to improve personal online safety, societal integration, mental health and wellbeing in order to minimise unnecessary or avoidable use of healthcare, social and emergency services.

Learning Management Game